Flick Price Notification App (BETA - currently CLOSED)

The beta is currently closed until Flick has released an official API.

  1. Set up notification(s) when your electricity price goes over a threshold.
  2. Setting up multiple thresholds and notifications
  3. Getting notified via Email, Slack or turn on / off smart devices via IFTTT
    • One-off or continuous messages when the price goes over your threshold or spikes (over 40 cents)
    • Message / event when the price is back to normal
  4. Integrating price notifications with WeMo, Smartthings, Amazon Echo and more via IFTTT
  5. Dis-able / Enable price notification process via HTTP API
At the moment only Flick Electric (New Zealand) is supported.

Credits to madleech for documenting the use of the unofficial API.